Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Carnival en Brazil!

There are many places I want to Travel in the world: France, Japan, China, Ireland. However this past weekend, being Mardi gras, made me remember a Specific reason for a country I wanted to visit.
That Place was Brazil!

Je adore Brazilian culture! One of my favorite things are the dances. The Samba is a Traditional dance from Africa that is well known in Brazil

Another type of Dance in Brazil that is also a Martial art is Capoeira

I've been trying to train myself in the art...not working out to well ^_^

Another Part of brazil I adore is the music, I love the traditional drums and tropical sounding music of Samba.

Brazil is one of the many Places I hope to visit some day, hopefully with time and Patience, and a whole lot of money, I will ^_^